"Through her presentation, students realized that author Karen Day really understands middle school children and knows how to relate to them. Her humorous presentation captured our students' attention and made them want to read her book. All 10 copies of TALL TALES were immediately checked out from our library and we have a waiting list with 21 student names on it."

– Claudia Williams, Kesling Middle School


I live in the Boston metro area, and I'm available for school and library visits. Here are some possible topics I like to discuss:

1. After years and years of trying, and dozens and dozens of rejections, how did I get a two-book contract from Wendy Lamb at Random House? This is my story. I will take the students through the beginning of my career, the steps I took, the books I wrote and revised. It's how I started on the outside and learned, step by step, what it takes to be a published writer.

2. Revision isn't rearranging, it's reseeing. But it took me a long time to learn how to do this. As a writer, how do you see your work in a fresh light? How do you think about rewriting characters? How do you revise a novel with so many thematic strands? Using TALL TALES as an example, I will show students how the work looked in the initial draft, why and how I revised, and where it ended up.

3. How do we use stories from our life? This is a mini workshop where we look at real events in our life and how we might turn them into pieces of fiction. This is not simply a retelling but rather taking a memory and twisting it, turning it, shaking it, changing it, and molding it in order to create something new.