Just signed the contract!

I'm happy to announce that my debut adult novel, I'LL STAY, has been sold to John Scognamiglio, editor-in-chief at Kensington Publishing. My wonderful agent for my adult books, Ann Collette, of the Rees Literary Agency, made this happen. Thanks, Ann!

I'LL STAY has been years in the making. I first wrote a short story with my two main characters nearly twenty years ago. Since then, versions of this story have been banging around the back of my mind. But it wasn't until four years ago that I sat down and finally wrote it. 

I'LL STAY is the story of four college friends on a road trip and a terrible event that happens to one of the women. Told in three parts, and set in Indiana and on the East Coast, the novel addresses the ramifications of this night during different stages in the lives of my two main characters (Clare and Lee). Both would like to forget what happened, but as the years go by, the events of the night keep dragging them back into it and threaten not only their friendship but also their self worth. Along the way the novel wrestles with important questions: how much do we owe the people we love? What are the dangers of living an unexamined life? And how can we escape the psychological paradigms established in our childhoods?

While the characters and plot are fictional, much of the setting (and several of the details) are taken from my life. Boston, Greenwich Village and Chicago. There are also several scenes in Bloomington, home to Indiana University (the student Union! Nicks!), and in the Delta Gamma house. 

Publication expected sometime next year!