Workshops, galore!

This past Sunday I taught a writing workshop for fourth and fifth graders at the wonderful Waban Library Center in Waban. Ten stupendous kids, from all over Newton and Needham, sat around a table, anxious, excited and nervous to tell their stories. We brainstormed. We wrote. We listened and offered suggestions. We talked. Amazing things happen when kids discover that there is a safe place to write, imagine, be messy and explore. Fiction writing workshops for kids should blend instruction with the joy of discovery and above all they should be, well, fun. Fun? Absolutely. If a child isn't having fun writing, then he or she probably won't continue. 

My next fiction writing workshop for kids will be on May 29 (fourth and fifth graders) through Lexington Community Education, in Lexington. A second Lexington workshop, for middle schoolers, will be on June 5. For information on both workshops, please contact LCE at: website.